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It all starts with you falling in love

Every ring we make starts with you falling in love with a certain gemstone. It can be a blue sapphire, yellow citrine, pink ruby, red garnet or something completely different.  When you can't imagine your life without that gorgeous stone on your finger, it's time to make you your ring.


It takes approx. 4 weeks to make you the ring of your dreams.

By appointment only

We love to take our time and guide you through the world of gemstones so you can find the piece that will make you shine even more. We believe it is important that you can to this with a relaxed mind and that’s why we try to create a calm atmosphere without the distractions of people passing by. 

*Gemstones come is all shapes and sizes so we can make a ring for any budget. Just keep in mind that most of the rings we start at 400€​

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